While listening to Bill Clinton speak at Ginn Academy

Another one that’s more of a personal/mental landmark than a physical one. I had last seen President Clinton speak when he was just Governor Clinton, on the campaign trail in 1992 when he came to my hometown and I was still too young to vote. William Clinton is one of two Williams my firstborn’s name was inspired by, the other being the professor whose class his father & I met in. We were wed during the Clinton administration. My William got to meet President Clinton, a goal my son had had for several years (since finding out he is the only one of my children named after a living president – the next most recent presidential namesake in our family is FDR). Please note: while the founder of this website’s political leanings are probably pretty obvious here, we welcome participation & image submissions from any breastfeeding family. Taking a breastfeeding little one to a politically conservative event? Please snap a picture & send it to us to share!

baby looks at camera around mother's arm while breastfeeding - mom is snapping her fingers instead of applauding  what President Bill Clinton is saying
Ginn Academy, Cleveland, Ohio, September 27, 2016

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