Some folks are surely going to think this is one of the weirder websites on the internet, and that’s OK. This is all being started by one wheelchair-using breastfeeding mother in an effort to further normalize breastfeeding in these United States. That’s why there’s so many pictures of the same family – it’s the Founding Family 😉

The inspiration for this project came from several sources. Our family was part of the “landmark” legislation that put legal protections for breastfeeding families into to Ohio’s legal code, for starters. There are so many landmarks and milestones in the lives of families, and breastfeeding ones don’t get celebrated enough. Also, the number of times a purse in the same position appears on a particular family member (who shall remain nameless) while she’s standing in front of various landmarks over the decades became a bit of a family in-joke before this newest generation even started to be born. That gave rise to the idea of instead of a purse held a certain way in all the touristy pictures, since at least 25% of the time it seemed like whichever of our children was currently breastfeeding would decide it was meal time right when we were composing a group shot, a new family tourist photo tradition naturally evolved. Breastfeeding is just a normal part of our family life, and so it makes frequent appearances in our family photo album – more so with our later children once camera-holders figured out that it was often the only way to have Mama in the pictures instead of just leaving her and the baby out (which, it may go without saying, was really starting to annoy the Mama).

Some of these photos may seem awkward and folks might think they belong on that other site, and that’s a perspective that is to be expected considering how unusual breastfeeding in public still is in the U.S. Our hope is, by the time the babies who are currently breastfeeding have a chance to form an opinion, it won’t seem strange at all that these kind of tourist photos populate family photo albums (online and otherwise).